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Mechanical rebar splicing system LENTON

LENTON technology is the first and most widely used Mechanical rebar splicing system in the world. Couplers with conical thread LENTON widely used worldwide in the construction of many bridge reinforced concrete structures for over 25 years .

Its main advantages are as follows:

- Saving fittings up to 20% compared with the lap connections;

- An enormous energy saving design and assembly time for Compared to welding;

- For the production of this type of connection does not require highly skilled workers;

- Easy connection (4-5 turns) and objective quality control connection reinforcement of any diameter;

- In the body of the couplers compound significantly increases the diameter comparison weld overlay manner on the bracket;

- Technology provides alignment LENTON connected rebar, which allows reducing the concentration of reinforcement in the connections as compared with a lap;

- Connectivity to any classes and grades of rebar (GOST and DSTU) in diameter from 12 to 40mm;

- LENTON technology allows combining reinforced concrete structures (use of composite construction).


 A12 cross section

LENTON in Ukraine may be used in designing structures according to DSTU BV -H 2.6-155:2010 " Guidance on the application of mechanical couplers with tapered thread  in the design and manufacture of reinforced concrete structures" and on the basis of technical certificate number 182 of 23 June 2011 .


 Reinforcement bridge pylons in Zaporizzja couplers with conical thread Lenton


The total height of the Pylons of the bridge in Zaporizzja is 160 meters


 Used during the construction of the couplers LENTON EL36A12N. Total number of couplers - about 7000 pieces .


             ERICO company has an impressive list of world objects of transport construction, which includes a variety of large-span bridges, where the technology was applied compound reinforcing taper threaded couplers LENTON. Most significant is the bridge across the strait Storbelt, Denmark, cable-stayed bridge Tsing - ma and Lantau, Hong Kong and bridges on the Russian island and Golden Horn in Vladivostok.


            In particular in the construction of the bridge on the Russian island in Vladivostok , couplers used for reinforcement and two 320- meter high pylons. Below are photographs from the construction site of the object.


 Reinforcement Foot bridge pylons in Vladivostok using couplers LENTON






Except for transport facilities, couplers LENTON widely used in the construction of civil and industrial buildings and structures around the world.

In particular, in Ukraine following projects were implemented .

Business center «SKY TOWERS». The tallest building in Ukraine. At this point in the construction process. Located in Kiev, Victory Avenue , 11a. Total height 220 m Number of floors above ground - 47 underground - 8. Couplers LENTON used to connect rebar 25, 32 , 36 and 40 mm in the composite columns of reinforced concrete beams overlap .

Contracting services company performs " ANT YAPI " (Turkey )

The planned appearance of the building after construction.


At this facility in the period from 2010 to 2013 , used the standard couplers LENTON type A12 , C12 and welded position P13 .

Example mechanical connections rebar 40 mm in diameter, A500S composite columns on the subject «SKY TOWERS».

Production was carried out by column from top to bottom . This method was built 8- storey underground parking.


11 12

Project " Construction of a new safe confinement over the 4th reactor of Chernobyl "

  The project envisages the construction of a protective arch over the 4th reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Currently under construction . Couplers LENTON applied and used to connect the vertical and horizontal reinforcement diameters 25, 28 and 32 mm in concrete foundations design protective arch.

13 14




Company performs work NOVARKA, a joint venture between the French company Vinci Construction Grands Projets i BOUYGUES


 The hotel complex "Crimean Riviera RADISSON», Alushta , Crimea

 4 * hotel complex with a total area of about 23 thousand square meters, includes 141 guest rooms , spa - center, restaurant , lobby bar , a ballroom and a business center . Construction of the hotel was carried out in complex seismic and geological conditions. Couplers LENTON used to connect reinforcing rebar diameter columns 22, 25, 28 mm.

Work on construction of the company performed " HERZ ", Ukraine

Mounting frame columns with rebar diameter 25 mm and standard couplers LENTON EL25A12


 Example of connection rebar 22 mm in diameter in the column using standard couplers LENTON EL22A12 and manual arc welding.



Residential complex in the bay area Cossack , Sevastopol , Crimea.

The complex is in the process of construction. The total built-up area - 124 852 m2. Will consist of 57 residential and 9 - storey houses one of access .

Couplers LENTON used to connection reinforcement diameters 20,22,25,28,32 and 36 mm in the columns , floor slabs and beams stiffness.


  Work on the construction of the complex performs the Ukrainian- Turkish company " YURT INDUSTRY "

  With regard to neighboring countries , connection technology reinforcing rebars taper threaded couplers LENTON used in the construction of the tower "Mercury" and the tower "Federation" business center "Moscow City"

21 22

And also in the construction of the fourth ring road interchanges car in Moscow, Novovoronezh dry storage of nuclear waste in the Krasnoyarsk Territory , cable-stayed bridges "Eastern Bosphorus " and "Golden Horn " in Vladivostok ( Russia ) , construction of the cosmodrome "East" , under construction in the Far East in the Amur region , the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi , subway construction in Baku , Azerbaijan, and other objects.


 Some of the most iconic objects of the world where technology was applied LENTON, this tower " Burj Khalifa " ( UAE)



High-rise complex "Petronas" (Malaysia)


Multifunctional high-rise complex «Z-towers» in Riga (Latvia)


Stadium " Allianz Arena" in Munich (Germany)


" Olympic Stadium " in Athens (Greece)


Canary Wharf in London (United Kingdom of Great Brittan)


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