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Vertical frame formwork

Vertical formwork is perfect for creating forms:

- The walls of large and small areas;

- Foundations;

- Columns and pylons.


Through the use of reinforced profiles for frame formwork panels manufacturing, both at edges and panel center, the guaranteed high load bearing capacity of elements:

- For wall panels - 85 kN/m2;

- For the multifunction panels - 100 kN/m2.

This distinguishes our system formwork products from other manufacturers of similar systems.


Special profile of the elements are not only more resistant to loads during concrete, but also greatly facilitates the replacement of formwork plywood end of its life, compared with the components of other manufacturers. Flat sheets are used, no need to make special cuts anchor holes. In panels used 21 mm thick of plywood.


Plywood is fastened with screws to the outside of the panels which gives a smooth concrete surface.


The undeniable advantage is that our vertical formwork is fully compatible with all formwork elements "Doka", which is widely used by domestic construction companies.


Gorisontal formwork

This is a set of construction equipment, with which you can create a concrete slab of any length, width and thickness.


The set includes:

- Tripod

- Props

- Hold head (crown)

- Wooden beams H20.


All the details are clearly matched to each other. Compatible with the elements of the leading manufacturers of formwork and make it easy to combine them. Props can withstand multiple cycles of use. Height of the prop can be adjusted step by step and smoothly that allows you to set any floors height throughout the range.

Completing to the formwork

In the production of the concrete work, the following accessories available:

- Fixing nuts,

- Tie rods,

- Lubricating fluid for formwork,

- Protective tube for rods,

- Cone for the tube,

- Inserts to create a protective layer,

- Plywood and other
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