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Suspended platform

Suspended platforms ZLP series, designed to lift people, tools and building materials to the working place for exterior finishing work on buildings and structures of various configurations up to 100 meters.

From suspended platform convenient to trim and painting exterior walls, grouting and other finishes in new construction and renovation of old buildings.

Suspended platforms ZLP series made in China have a number of advantages compared with the products of domestic manufacturers.

As a rule, the Chinese suspended platforms - modular, consisting of sections 1, 5 m and 2 m. This allows the same suspended platform mount different lengths (from 2 to 7.5 m), depending on the complexity of work performed.

The Chinese suspended platforms higher lifting speed is much easier and quicker installation of steel rope.

Universal console extends from the facade of the building on the 1.7 m and height adjustable from 1.4 to 2.15 m. These features allow  to mount the suspended platform on the building facades that have ledges (balconies), and on the roofs of buildings, where there is a high parapet.

Security of suspended platform provide so-called "safety lock" which turned on and blocks the steel safety wire case of a break of working rope or tilted of platform to a certain angle. This is to prevent the fall of the platform.

According to GOST 27372-87, the safety factor hoist rope should be at least 9. Safety factor of safety rope must be at least 3. Factor from turning the console must be ≥ 2,2. Conformity of the suspended platform is confirmed by Declaration of conformity to requirements the Technical Regulations safety of machinery.

At choice of supplier should be more carefully studied not only the technical characteristics of the proposed lifting equipment, but also the possibility of the service and guarantees provided by the supplier.

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