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Advantages of the LENTON

- Couplings comply DBN B.2.6-98: 2008, clause 8.5.1

- Saving armature to 20% compared with the lap;

- Huge energy savings in assembly time and design in comparison with welding;

- For the production of this type of connection does not require highly skilled workers;

- Easy connection (4-5 turns) and objective quality control connection of rebars of any diameter;

- at the connection the body couplers significantly increases the diameter compared with welding;

- Technology LENTON ensures alignment of connected bars, reducing the concentration of reinforcement in connection points compared to the lap;

- The ability to connect all classes and grades of reinforcing steel (GOST, DSTU) in diameter from 12 to 40mm;

- LENTON technology allows combining concrete construction with steel structure (the use of composite construction).

- Couplings comply DBN B.2.6-98:2008, clause 8.5.1

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